samedi 3 juillet 2021

Temple statue

Hello everybody!

Here is another recent sculpting project, digital this time.
Those of you who are familiar with this blog might have seen this enigmatic feather-helmeted character of mine from time to time, through paintings or tiny sculptures.
I wanted to have another take on him, sculpting kind of a "stone" statue. Here it is:

And this is a 360 video, easier to see the shapes and volumes:

A fun little sculpting project, meant to be very personal and relaxing. If you ever come across that statue, deep in a forest, have a thought of me ;) 
The soundtrack is from Serart, a collaboration between Serj Tankian and Arto Tunçboyacıyan, and fits with my current mood both musically and in the lyrics. I've always loved that record.

This is the text: "Loosing sight of the eternal garden can be devastating at best. What drives me insane are the catastrophic perplexities of those closed souls with whom i have drank from the pure fountain of harmony. As long as there is a maze the mouse will prevail. But when enclosed and quartered my health will fail. The enigmatic loss of vision and its accompanying diverse avenues of existence cause this lockdown-hysteria."

I sculpt wargame miniatures most of my time, but I find quite relaxing touching on different subjects like this. 
I like religious effigies, little shrines, enigmatic statues from ancient civilization. I especially like to think that they probably incorporate details that reflect what life was in this era, but that we don't fully grasp, leaving some of the story untold.

Maybe this statue could tell stories about our near future, and would look as enigmatic to someone bumping into it a hundred years down the line. Maybe this person will wonder what it was like to live in our times, why we would have sculpted such effigy? What were our struggle or challenges?..


Anyway, I hope all this doesn't sound pedantic. I've never considered myself as an artist per se, but there is obviously an artistic dimension in my job and the things I am drawn to.
This is simply a way for me to express some feelings, I guess.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this article.