samedi 12 août 2023

40k3, again!


Hi, Citizens of Terra!

We are back with some more 40k 3rd edition action! Same team, different army lists and a very cool scenario with hidden objective markers.
Let's have a look at the armies:

Tim wanted to play an armoured company. This sort of game can easily become one sided if the opponent doesn't have the fire power to respond. So I went for a list with a lot of meltaguns and powerfists :D


The armies are being deployed, with a 6" depth deployment zone, we are force to spread along the length of the table quite a lot.


And here we start! Maxime blasts some plasma shots with his Dreadnought, while his Eversor Assasin engages my Chosen who infiltrated enemy lines.
My second squad of Chosen managed to destroy 2 of Tim's Basilisk in the first turn!!!

My Chaos Dreadnought uses the lift to appear right in front of his Loyalist equivalent. Then they engaged in a deadly (!) close combat, where the putrescent machin managed to destroy the Son of Dorn.

The High Marshal Corbeil in action !

Deadly close combats happen everywhere across the board...

The incomparable joy of flaming horrible demons... :)

In the final turn, Lord Kortharis (first incarnation) accompanied by his retinue of Raptors, and the recently summonded Great Unclean One, managed to corner Maxime's Marshall. The brave commander of the Black Templar will bow under the wrath of the Plaguebones.
He was carrying the loot, so the Greater Demon picked it up and escaped through the list doors!

In the end, the Obliterators teleported right in front of Tim's tanks and chopped them into molten cubes with their twin-linked meltaguns.
The Sons of Kortharis were victorious, once more...

The 3 musqueteers say: "Thanks for reading, we'll see you next month for the following act of our 3rd edition games!"