vendredi 18 février 2022

Gurkrab'z Maskott


Hello everyone!

An article in English this time, to vary a bit :)

And some more Warcry action obviously, with a new model for Gurkrab's Ladz: THE KRAB' !!!

It is funny I had not thought of it earlier, but this almost-model-of-the-year is a perfect addition to my warband!

So I went to get a box, put him together with some minor alterations (removing the sea-shells touching the legs, and filling up the Idoneth symbol) and started painting him!

I painted the top of him in Jokaero Orange, shaded with a diluted Carroburg Crimson, and highlighted by adding some Wraithbone and a touch of pearlescent paint to the Jokaero.

The underside is painted with Celestra Grey, washed with diluted Druchii Violet, and highlighted adding some white to the basecoat.

I then painted the warpaints with Chaos Black, adding a touch of Sotek Green to tint it a bit. I then used Sotek Green to add some subtle highlights here and there,

And there he is with his mates! The true maskott' of the gang!

I am very pleased with how he fits in the group. I think it gives them a lot of character.

And now, I have used the profiles from the previous Tome of Champions to make my own cards, to form an "Open Play" warband.
The Krab' is played as a Squig Hopper (bouncing crab!) and the rest match various profiles of the Destruction faction, without following any fation roster.
I am planning on playing them this way, but only using the General Abilities. It makes more sense :)

I hope you guys like this small update to this existing warband.
I am super excited, it gives me a chance to play a group of models which would probably have never seen a battlefield!

See you next time!