dimanche 16 avril 2023

The Rotmire Creed


Hi everyone!

Today I would like to share with you my Rotmire Creed warband for Warcry.

First of all, a disclaimer: I am not the painter of those models! Nonetheless, I felt like they deserved a good photoshoot and to be shared with you because they are absolutely stunning!

I have been struggling with painting in the recent years, particularly things that require a lot of brush control. I am not able to paint the way I used to paint anymore, which became very frustrating and put me off from painting for a while.

Having been very involved in the design of those models, I wanted to have them painted to a very high standard for my collection, but also to play them in my favourite game :)
A friend of mine (who doesn't take commissions and doesn't want to be credited) was very keen on the models and offered to paint them for me. After a few months of hard work, here is the Rotmire Creed in all its decayed glory!
Let's start with the Witherlord:

The brief was to retain the general vibe of the 'Eavy Metal version, but adding more warm colours for them to fit nicely on my Warcry board and give them a bit of a savannah atmosphere.

The gang is not exactly 1000pts, which allowed me to add a model. I thought adding a Chaos Hound would be fun, and with this savannah environment I was picturing the models in, a Frostsabre from Warhammer Underworld would be the perfect match.

I have only sculpted the three scars on its side to tie him to the Creed's ritualistic scarred skulls.

I love the way the different textures have been treated on the Carrion Catchers, especially the hide on their backs.

From one model to the other, the colours are similar but deployed in a non-formulaic way, which ties the models together but makes them appear less regimented.

The Bloated One is probably the closest to the 'Eavy Metal colour scheme:

And another three Mirefolk Outcasts. I love the variety of skin tones.

I think they look smashing as a group, looking Nurgle but definitely having this more sandy/dry feel.

Bonus: some in-game photos with Sergi's Skaven!


I hope you like them!