samedi 22 juillet 2023

Iron Hands Terminators

Hi everyone!
Here is the start of a new "army" project. I put army in brackets since I don't know how far I will go, but it is definitely going to be a small force.

I have been into Iron Hands recently, and the new Terminators being so great I had to paint a squad, so here they are!

Let's have a look at every squad member now:

Brother Aarven, 4th squad of the 3rd company.
The 4th Terminator squad is part of an exploration mission in search for STC's and ancien technological artefacts.

Brother Gorloch, 4th squad of the 3rd company.
Gorloch is obsessed with the relics of the Chapter, deeply convinced that the ancient artefacts will bring them salvation.

Brother Shorrgol, 4th squad of the 3rd company.
He is the oldest member of the unit, a veteran fighter who lost his right arm long ago and had it replaced by fully integrated bionics.

UR-36 is not an official member of the 4th squad, but he replaced brother Arkaal when he fell under enemy fire.
Part of the mysterious Luna Cohort, UR-36 is one of the legendary Imperial Robots, supposedly gifted with intelligence.
The rest of the 4th squad revere this reliable warrior entirely made of metal.

Brother Sergeant Galorr, 4th squad, 3rd Company.
This proud sergeant leads the 4th squad in their search for ancient artefacts.

This squad Sergeant received a bionic leg, alongside a power axe that comes from the Devastator squad kit. I just cut out the squares in the blade.

And that's not all! I have a combat squad on the desk, another 2 members to go:

This next article will be the opportunity for me to detail the painting process. 
Stay tuned!

dimanche 9 juillet 2023

40k 3rd edition

Hi everyone! Klash a Kouze is back today, with an article full of late 90's nostalgia.
You probably have noticed that 40k is a bit of a thing these days. Well with my friends Maxime Corbeil and Timothée Ozouf we decided to celebrate the grim dark future by playing a game of the edition that got us in the hobby: the Third Edition.

After wearing our uniforms to get in the mood, we started deploying for this game of 1800pts (was supposed to be 1500, but the guys got excited, resulting in a bit of swelling!)

Let's have a look at the armies:

Maxime's army is inspired by this iconic John Blanche illustration. 
The most 3rd edition army, for sure!

So my legendary Plaguebones were facing a coalition of Imperial Guard and Black Templars, on the Spaceport board which, oddly enough, had not hosted any game since its big facelift in 2019!!!

I decided to pack most of my army around the middle of the board, while my adversaries had a more stretched approach.

Tim deployed his Basilisk in the far corner, allowing him to cover the first half of the battlefield with direct fire (in lign of sight) and the rest with indirect fire. Yes, the guy might have not read the rules, but he is a fine strategist!

Once the armies have been deployed, we went for the obligatory pizza and beer.


We played this Recon Mission above, and after a quick read of the mission briefing, we threw ourselves in the fires of war!

Maxime made his Eversor run towards my Plague Marines, covering them with poisoned needles, while his recently promoted Marshal was progressing cautiously under the landing pad...

On the upper part of the battlefield, Black Templars and Imperial Guardsmen made an advance, ready to face their purulent adversaries.

"Sorry, what's a tape measurer?!"

Tim's soldiers, as ragtag and unruly as they can look, always use the pedestrian crossing, looking both way for extra safety (in case a Valkyrie was landing or taking off at the same time)

The Eversor Assassin threw himself into close combat, killing a Plague Marine with his neurogauntlet but got smashed by the Champion's power fist. The resulting explosion did not harm the sons of Kortharis.

In the meantime, the Black Templars did what they do best on the top of the landing pad: charge and purge!

My Chaos Dreadnought used one of the tricks of this board, taking a turn to use the elevator and exit right in the middle of Tim's lines!
Assaulting the Chimera, it will first immobilise it then destroy it in the subsequent turn.

After Tim completely obliterated my Land Raider with his 3 lascannons, the Plaguebone Tide rolled under the landing pad, summoning demons and getting ready to submerge the Imperial defense line.

The young Marshal, as brave and zealous as he was, could not stop the wrath of Lord Kortharis.

In the meantime, Maxime used his freshly painted rhino to bring his Crusaders squad into my lines. Tim, on the other side of the board, did the same by taking position in my deployment zone.

Tim tried to destroy the Chaos Dreadnought with a long shot of his Basilisk, but the shot scattered massively and killed 8 of his poor Guardsmen!
Yes, it was very windy...

After wiping out the Imperial Guard infantry, with a combination of flamer, plague knives and demonic claws, the Plague Bearers tried their luck on a much harder target, with no success.

The Chaos Dreadnought used the same trick again! He used the lift to come back in my deployment zone and engaged Tim's infantry.
Surely this crazed machine would have travelled...

In the end, despite fighting bravely the forces of the Imperium could not contain the Virulent Tide, and the Plaguebones were victorious!  

Here is a short vintage-style video of the battlefield:

" The smell of (not-so) fresh plastic"

" Books of the Good Old Days "

Thanks a lot guys for coming today, and let's book another one, for the Emperor!!!