mercredi 21 novembre 2018

Kill Team game in London!

with Commanders !

Hey boyz!

A "Klash a Kouze" episode from London town today!
We had a KillTeam game with Alex last weekend, we went to Dark Sphere as Alex does not have a gaming board yet.

Here is the board (I've got to say some of the scenery lack a bit of colour...) :

We chose the "Assassinate" scenario, where my Death Guard was defending and his Dark Eldar attacking.

I Deployed my Leader at the far end in the middle (behind the yellow container on the far right), and Alex scattered his troops accross his deployment zone.

So the game starts! Alex throws his Wyches foward, I do the same with my poxwalkers to block his advance.

Some of his Kabalite warriors take good shooting positions, under the fire of my Plague Marines.
In the meantime, the close combat continues at the center of the board.

 Alex sends his Succubus in the pit! She was a real goddess for a game that scale, really stressing trying to avoid or block her in corners!

On my side, the Tallyman was a good choice too, making zombies and Plague Marine fighters much more reliable, and helping save a few command points.
He was not a true beast as the Succubus, but his Plasma Pistol proved to be useful (especially with the Shooting specialism, allowing me to re-roll 1's and then shoot overcharged all the time!)

The succubus was getting closer and closer, but my defensive system prevented her to reach her target. Alex's Kabalite got very close, though, so my Plague Champion (leader) had to escape through the ruins...

 ... where he found some more Kabalite Warriors!
To avoid being shot down by the poisonous shards of their rifles, I made him charge as he is pretty tough and Kabalites Warriors are quite weak in close combat. This allowed him to survived (injured, though) until the end of the 7th turn!

Death Guard wins, but the dark warriors of Commoragh were close!

Overall, the Commanders bring another dimension to the game, by being lethal or making your kill team more lethal.
They did not make the game unbalanced, despite the fact the commanders we chose were drastically different in gameplay.
We recommend using them, it was fun!

Thanks Alex, it's been an amazing game. And it was great to discover Dark Sphere too!

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