samedi 1 octobre 2016

AoS afterwork...

Hi guyz!

English this time, I hope our french reader will not mind! (just for the guys on the photos to get what I write)

On Wednesdays we sometime have some games of Age of Sigmar after work, in Warhammer World as it is a great place for that. This is what it looks like, I hope you enjoy :)

Israel takes his army out, so does Maxime. Quick repairs before the battle begins.

Maxime's undead army, really cool looking.

Sergi, my opponent this time, deploys his Skaven army while I am taking some photos of the others.

Israel's nurgle army is incredible, his Plaguebearers are in fact Free People soldiers corrupted by the Lord of Plagues. Check his Blightkings out, super-bright colours:

And his great unclean one:

Maxime's Mortis Engine, and a few of his characters:

Borja's Spirit Host, as cool as deadly!

I am ready for the battle to start! A big pack of Chaos baddies!

Sergi's army ranks up. Almost a vision of the past ;)

Sergi starts moving, and do not hesitate to rush in front of my angry Blood Warriors.
My Jezzails struggle to identify their targets... they will miss the few first rolls...

Maxime and Israel start their fight as well, while Borja's opponent reveals his identity:

What the hell?!!! The amazing  Steve Party is now a gamer?!! Who would have believed that a few years ago?
He's got an amazing Seraphon army (of course), mix of old and new stuff he painted recently. We will have a closer look later.

While I was away, my Khorne Lord decided to assault a pack of Clan rats, but another sneaky bastard revealed his identity; a bloody Skaven assassin, who will severely injure my warlord!

Fortunately the Stormfiends jump in close combat. Smash! Business done.

Back on the "Party case", have a quick look at his models:

He his the kind of guy playing with winning golden demon miniatures. What else?!

His take on what a new Seraphon character could look like regarding the new backgroud. Just wicked! I'll take some better photos at some point...

Despite of the beautifully painted figures, the battle is tough.

Back on our Chaos/Skaven board, everything gets really violent and bloody. I was confident after the first round of close combat, but Sergi revealed a few of his assets (special magic and artefacts)...

... and after all puts a lot of pressure on me! Nice one dude!

Overall, I managed to kill most of his sneaky basterds, but I did not have many left!
A very good game, and a very good gaming gang! Thanks guys!

See you next time in WW.

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  1. Merci pour le partage!

    Pour les Séraphons de Steve, tu dis que l'on aura droit à des vues proches "plus tard", tu parles des photos dans cet article ou bien on aura droit à une belle galerie détaillée sous peu sur le blog? :-)

    En fait, la seule trace que j'ai de cette armée est les bribes (la plupart ont un URL périmé) qui restent sur son vieux sujet sur le warfo, et ça m'a toujours bien frustré de pas en voir plus ^^

    Sinon, j'adore le rendu de ton armée, on dirait qu'il y a vraiment en permanence de la glace qui fond sur leur socle.

    1. Merci Nmarius!

      Oui j'ai demandé à Steve s'il était d'accord pour que je fasse un article sur son armée, et il a dit oui!
      Il veux juste l'étoffer un petit peu, histoire d'en envoyer plein la vue!


  2. Ah oui, déso du double post, mais juste pour notifier, tu as une série de photos dont le lien est cassé pour tes Bliend Necromancers. J'espère pour toi que tu as encore une trace quelque part et que c'est pas perdu :-/

    1. OK merci beaucoup j'y jetterai un oeil!
      Si tu as le lien de l'article ça m'aiderait d'autant plus! Ce blog commence à devenir une vraie tour d'Osgiliath en terme d'archivage!


    2. Merci pour les réponses! Hâte de voir le boulot de Skiv avec de bonnes photos!!

      Voici le lien de l'article en question:

  3. Chouette, il y en a qui ont de la chance, des parties après le travail, que demander de plus...

    1. Oui, c'est sûr qu'on a vraiment de la chance d'avoir une telle salle de jeu à proximité.
      Je te rassure, même après des années on en est bien conscients!


  4. hi there,
    great report. please do more in english ;)
    saves me from using the terrible gooooogle translator...

    1. Thanks Hrld!

      Yeah I coule do more articles in english, as long as our french readers do not mind.
      But I coule not do not, would be toi much work!

      I'll think about it!



  5. The pics are cool, but the report look one of this poor battle report we had in the past with the weakly white dwarf or a disguised commercial of "Play AOS to be cool". You work for GW now, so I understand you have to promote this products. Anyway you guyz are the top of french hobbyist, and it's just my opinion. The rest of the blog is pure gem and also your sculpting work for GW Mörback. Apologise me in advance if this post looks bitter or troll, not my intention. Warms regards Kexa

    1. Thanks Kexa,

      Please do not apologise for being honest!
      This article was not meant to be a battle report, more to share some photos, and I added a bit of text just because it felt blank without! Sorry if you did not find it strategical/enternaining enough.

      There is no need for me (or anyone else on this blog) to advertise about anything: it is just about a few guys who love to have a couple of beers around a nice game.
      The purpose of this blog is just to share hobby experiences, it is not commercial or work related in any way.

      But I truly appreciate your honesty, and I hope you will enjoy the next gaming article a bit more!



    2. Hello Morbäck,

      First thanks for your answer, I'm happy that you didn't take it as a troll/whine. My bad I taught that was a battle report. I hope you will work soon on some Orks buggies/choppas that we expect for long time ;-). Something I forgot it's your blog, so you put what you want, no need to justify. But I appreciate a lot this blog, because they're no commercial. Also a big respect to your team of painters and Hobbyist. Cheers