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Storm Jungle!

Age of Sigmar multi-player game...

Hey up guyz!
A big wargaming article today! Around mid-november we had a cool AoS game with a few colleagues at home. 3 vs 3 and 1,000 points each, the opportunity for me to work on some scenery and write a quick scenario.  

Let's start with the central piece of the jungle board:

I've had that jungle board for years, and apart for a couple of pieces of terrain, it fits perfectly for AoS. I just wanted to add a Realmgate and a few wooden bridges to make it look more "fantasy".
Cagn provided me with the wood, I just had to cut it in bits and glue it to form a structure around the gate.

My idea for the scenario was that all the structure would be "alive", able to move around as we fight. That's why I added bits of roots to represent trees growing through the platform.

I painted it using pretty standard colours: Mechanicus grey and Agrax shade for the gate itself, Calthan brown for the wood. Then I drybrushed it with Averland Sunset, and again with Celestra grey.

I have used some Colorex green ink as nuances. The moss is just PVA glue mixed with sand. I painted it with Snot Green, and drybrushed it with Moot Green.

The magical effect was painted in Ceramite White, then shaded using Sotek Green and after Sotek + black. As a last touch, I sprayed some Forged Monkey fluorescent blue powder (mixed with Lhamian medium) using my spray gun.

Now the scenery was ready, it was time to gather some friends and start the game!


Sergi with his Stormcast Eternals
Steve with his Seraphons
Maxime with his Undead

Israel with his Nurgle Warband
Morbäck with his Chaos Warband
Christian with his Ironjawz

Swedish sexy-joker (required to play this scenario):

And the scenario I wrote for this game:

Let's crack on!!!
From the start, the amazing Sergi has been our provider of Mojitos, having regular breaks to make sure that we don't die from dehydration. Thanks to his alchemist skills, we survived the rude climate of the Realm of Life.

Everybody is deploying according to the rules of the scenario.


Sergi's Stormcast Eternals face Israel's smelly basterds

"Señor Christian, I have to tell you: your beard is much smaller than mine."
"Oh là là, seriously you are mean! I am really sad now..."

Israel moves his Great unclean one, who's so heavy that the structure of the gate bends and lifts on one side. Max can't believe what he sees... that's pure magic!

The ladies dare to visit us, with the usual "what are these idiots doing?" rictus...

Maxime gets his army closer to the gate, the zombie-wolves following is amazing Vampire...

... who will get into close combat with the Great Unclean One very soon! (He's brave)


 As everybody is rushing to the central platform, Sergi crosses the bridge and smashes some Blightkings! Boom!

Bogdan Bluttinker, my Khorne Lord, climbs onto the platform and gets his hands in the dirt,
while Christian's Ironjawz jump in the river, straight in close combat. Orky style!

 Maxime's Mortis Engine, really cool!
Can't remember if it did anything, but still very good looking!

Every player tries to follow the Realmgate as it moves around. Sometime plans are completely ruined by the shifting nature of the objective. This is why it was probably good to have units just fighting around, trying to prevent the foes to get close to it. 

At that time, we saw some Seraphon kicking Blood Warriors and Inronjawz, while my Hellpit Abomination jumped on the Mortis Engine and sliced it in bits.
In the meantime, Stormcasts gave deamons of Nurgle a hard time on the other side of the river.

The complexity of Age of Sigmar blew Christian's mind, who preffered to return to 
more approachable games. Bless him! 

As the game enters its last couple of rounds, the Forces of Good are in really bad conditions.
Fortunately, the Celestant Prime descends from the skies, to kick some asses! 
The first monster he killed was the Great Unclean One himself, but the cheeky Israel managed to resurrect him the round after!

Steve's Seraphons felt a little bit like coming from another dimension... hang on!?!

 After liters of Mojito, Max and Steve managed to transcend their mind to 
a state of infinite beatitude.
Even a baby book feels like a never ending story!

At the end of the game, the Forces of Darkness were victorious, strenghening the grasp of Chaos on the Realm of Life.

Bonus: a short video to give you a glimpse of the atmosphere :-)

Thanks a lot, guys, it's been a great day. We'll have to do it again at some point!

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