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We are... the... Death Guard!

Hello everybody! I'll do this one in english ;)
The release of the Death Guard is for me a great opportunity to share a very exciting project with you. As a project leader on that range of miniatures, I kicked off the work and designed many of those kits. It has been a year and a half of Nurgle joy, I am sure you can imagine how excited I was since Nurgle is my favourite of the 4.
Fortunately, I was joined by a dream team of 8 miniatures designers who worked hard to retain the spirit of the Death Guard, and produced amazing models.

So let's have a look at the miniatures themselves!

Onto the Plague Planet now!

Mortarion, the Deamon Primarch himself. It has been an extremely intense project, full of emotions, challenges and fun. Probably my favourite "miniature" so far!

I made the miniatures for the Plague Brethren, a very nice web-exclusive collector's set that James Anderson put together brilliantly. It was just good fun to make some more Plague Marines!

The Tallyman. Designing this range allowed us to explore new types of characters, unique to the legion, all of them telling another story. This is something I like a lot!

The Plague Champion, with his already-famous Nurgling with a helmet. Nurgle allows you to squeeze a bit of fun little details here and there, which is something I particularly like.

The Icon-bearer. This guy was an opportunity to explore the Death Guard imagery a bit more. Him and the Plague Champion are there to offer a bit of variety in your army, or could be a fun painting project on their own.

I add up the miniatures from Dark Imperium, as they were the foundations of this range:

The original 7 Plague Marines. Everything started with these bad boys!

The Foetid Bloat-Drone, which was a great opportunity for us to develop a new kind of deamon-engine. It is a bio-mechanical analogue to the Chaos Deamon Plague Flies, with its own nurglesque weaponry: the Plague-spitter, a hybrid of a cannon and gardening tool!

The Lord of Contagion. I enjoyed making this model so much! Heavy, imposing and brutal were the 3 keywords I had in mind while making this guy.

Now I am going to show you miniatures that are collaborations with another designer. I either drew the concept, made a sculpted mock up, sculpted a few bits... basically did a bit of work to give an orientation to the designer who actually made the model :)

The Noxious Blightbringer, with the beautifully putrescent Aly Morrison.

The multi-part Plague Marines, with the legendary Mike Fores.

The Foul Blightspawn, with the magnificent Darren Latham.

The Biologus Putrifier, again with the beautifully putrescent Aly Morrison.

The Deathshroud Terminators, again with the legendary Mike Fores.

The Blightlord Terminators, with the marvelous Gavin Newton.

The Plagueburst Crawler, with the wonderful Nic Ho.

Typhus, with the amazing Gaku Matsubayashi.

The Plague Surgeon, with the fabulous Samir Battistotti.

The multi-part Foetid Bloat-Drone, with our Super-Hero Steve Party!

I think these guys deserve a round of applause!

Let me know what you think about these, bearing in mind that, as I always say, the miniatures I make for work are designed to fulfill a brief, and are approved by a team of highly skilled experts. They are made this way because they had to be made this way :)

And if you want more insight about the design process of this range, I would recommend the Designer's Notes article in this month's White Dwarf, written by Dan Harden.
Dan managed to make this article very interesting to read, full of fun facts and enriched by a bit of background. I really enjoyed reading it (even if, let's face it, I know a bit about the subject!) ;)

(all pictures from the Games Workshop or Warhammer Community website)

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  1. As a Death Guard fan since something like 15 years, I really enjoy the work done here. Some designs are just great, close to a perfect mix of old school looks highly detailed new style.

    On every model I see something very respectfull of the lore about this legion but I also see the idea of "OK guys, let's try something here". And it is quite easy to guess that this mini is not designed by the same artist than this other mini.

    Sometimes, the design is a bit too different : I think about the poxwalkers, the blightlords and Typhus. Some elements (horns and pikes particularly) or posture can look significantly different than other models, qualitatively or quantitatively.

    I still completely stunned by the high quality of global look and wealth of details. Also, adding so many new models for just one army mixing old and new entries was a f**king biiiiiiiig challenge. And to be fully honest, the result is awesome.

    1. Thanks a lot Igor, your comment is very motivating!


  2. Hi Morback,

    It is amazing job. Very interesting to see collaborators also.

    Very complete work with a huge amount of details so that is difficult, for Plague Marines mostly, to know if we already see one mini in Dark Imperium Box, or multi parts kit or Plague Brethren. Nurgle is everywhere, is just a “amazing blizzard”. Wow !

    And when you look back 2000’s Plague Marine, what a path traveled !

    Miniatures enter in a new dimension. IMHO, this year, GW make one huge step forward.

    I am very exciting for next realizes !

    Bref, c'est cool quoi !

  3. Fantastic, superb and (probably most important of all): thanks for the humor!

  4. Everything excellent except that cowl guy. Mortarion is in my oppinion the best primarch of the three released, magnus was to ripped and guilliman had a minihead, morty is just right!

    1. Thanks Francesc, I am glad you like Morty :)


  5. Des mois et des heures de boulot (mais peut on encore parler de boulot quand je vois ces figs qui respirent la passion des concepteurs). J'adore cette vision de Nurgle, toute la puissance de l'imagination au service de la FIG et du jeu. Bravo à tous, et longue vie à Nurgle. Je pense que les prochains podiums des Golden risquent d'être trustés par les adeptes du chiffre 7.

    1. Merci Vistenholder,

      Il y a en effet eu beaucoup de passion dans ce projet Death Guard, et je pense que ça se ressent sur le résultat.


  6. C'est super sympa de nous expliquer le process et les gens impliqués dans cette super gamme.
    J'ai même souri en voyant que M. Party avait travaillé sur du 40K.
    Ce travail d'équipe a permis de sortir des figurines cohérentes entre elles et d'une grande qualité.
    Bravo à tous

  7. Salut Morback !
    Je trouve ça juste génial, alors oui les figurines sont magnifiques, les concepts excellents, mais moi ce que je retiens c'est qu'au bout du compte, tu as réussi à apporter ta touche personnelle chez GW, celle qu'on suit depuis longtemps mtnt et qui continue de nous en mettre plein les yeux. Quand je vois le casque ou même certains détails de ces figurines, je replonge des années en arrière qd on attendais tes news sur les Plaguebones.. Alors juste bravo, bravo à toi et à l'équipe bien sur, j'imagine même pas comment tu dois être aux anges d'avoir réalisé ce rêve de gosse.
    A+ les kouzes !

    1. Salut David!

      T'assure tout compris, ça a été l'éclate ce projet mais aussi un rêve de gosse qui se réalise.
      C'est pas bien compliqué, au bout d'un an et demi à ne faire quasiment que ça, ben j'en avais pas marre, j'avais envie de continuer !
      Merci pour tes encouragements en tout cas, et au plaisir de se recroiser aux détours de Warhammer Fest peut-être ?!


    2. J'espère bien ! Dans un futur pas trop lointain peut être :)
      Bonne continuation !


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