samedi 30 avril 2022

BDK - The Librarium

 14 years of hobby archive!

Hi everyone!

We have reached 14 years of blogging! As every year, it feels like an achievement, even though we have to be honest with ourselves: the blog is not the weekly fireworks display it used to be.
We are all pretty busy, and the Hobby doesn't have such a big place in our lives anymore. But it still takes a big part in our hearts, and sometimes we convert a cool model, or slap a bit of paint on another one... and it doesn't go any further than a picture in our Whatsapp group...

Every blogger knows it: posting on a blog is time consuming. VERY time consuming. Sometimes showing a small progress on a conversion will take longer than the hobby time itself. You need to set up the photo area, take the photos, edit them, upload them on the interface, write the article, post it, share it on social media... It is a bit of a process, and it has become a bit unwieldy and dated.

This is why we decided to go full on social media, yeah baby! :D

It will simply be much easier to share the little things we do from time to time, reconnect with the community and possibly get more motivated!
But it is not the end of the Blog. This page will still be a formidable resource of hobby articles, that you can read, share and refer to. And there will probably still be the odd article from time to time (Larg', for example, prefers the blogging format).
So say hello to Blog dé Kouzes: The Librarium, the archive of the 14 years we spent on this page!

And we look forward to seeing you on Facebook and Instagram:

Happy painting, and see you soon for some hobby updates (finally!)

7 commentaires:

  1. A new period . Hope to see you again in social media

  2. Une page qui se tourne, et une autre qui s'ouvre. Je vous souhaite le meilleur dans le nouveau format :-)

  3. Social media is a mistake, now's the time to resist internet consolidation, not embrace it. Keep blogging, make a geocities website, hell, even a print fanzine, but don't get yourselves zucced, dammit. How sad.

    1. I agree with this. I also think abandon this blog to use social media instead is an bad idea.

      The old internet communications means, such as blogs, forums and RSS. All of this slowly dies, sadly, abandonned by people who think replace them with social network is the best solution, and absurd cofirmation bias make this actually grimdark, irl.

    2. I completely understand your views, guys.
      It just seems a bit pointless to leave this blog unattended while there is still a bit of hobby happening in the background.
      As said, it doesn't mean that there will not me updates here from time to time. More that the regular hobby flow will happen on these more practical plateforms.



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