dimanche 1 octobre 2023

Iron Hands Combat Squad

 I salute you, proud sons of Ferrus Manus!

Today it is my combat squad for the small Iron Hands Patrol I am building at the minute. I want to keep this force quite tight, small reckon squads of maximum 5 warriors. But I might expand this unit to make it a full tactical squad in the future.

I had a lot of fun playing with the MK6 armour, either turning it into other marks or using it as is on the Sergeant.

Two of the members gave me a bit more work than the others. The first one (below) is based on a Deathwatch Mk8 pair of legs, that I extended to match the proportions of the Mk6. There are some pre-painting pics if you scroll down:

For the second one I have altered the armour or chose bits from the Tactical Squad to represent a Mk5 armour. I like having a bit of variety in my squads :)

And here they are before painting:

For the other members, I apologize but the photos were taken in various lighting/conditions so they are not consistent. This one was the very first model of this whole project:

Then comes Flamer Dude:

And finally the Sergeant with his custom bionic leg!

I have now completed a Techmarine to lead this force, that I will archive here next time ;)
In the meantime, if you cannot wait he is already on our Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

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