mercredi 28 mars 2018

Silver Skulls VS Plaguebones !

Hey guys!

I'll do this one in English as my opponent was British this time: the legendary Arch-Warlord Dazdamundi, aka Razza-Dazza Da Skull Masha, aka Daz. (never too many honorific names for a legend!)

Anyway, we had a cool 1000 pts game of 40k, his lovely Primaris Silver Skulls versus my Drone Host. We picked the one of the scenario from Chapter Approved (can't recall the name, sorry), in which you score point when you control an objective, slay a unit etc... every turn!

We played in Warhammer World this time, which was pretty busy (Wednesday afternoon): great gaming atmosphere!

The game went really smoothly and fast, as Daz knows his army very well.
I was impressed with the amount of fire power he delivered every turn! I'm not a sensitive person, but that was a touch scary!

His Reivers were absolute bastards, they managed to distract my Warp Talons, kill my Sorcerer and seriously damaged my Bloat Drone, and they would not die!!!

By the end of the game, he managed to score easily twice as much points as me, and destroyed my army mid-turn 5 anyway :D
Another great victory for the flamboyant Dazdamundi!

Thanks mate for the game, that was good fun!

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