mercredi 15 mai 2019



Last Wednesday we entered the Gorechosen arena with a bunch of colleages, to play a four players game in Bugman's!

My friend Sergi organized that for us, and Israel, Dave and myself chose our champions to fight what would be my most violent Gorechosen game so far.
As Sergi likes to do things properly, he even made this amazing trophy (helped by Israel for the plaque), only for this game!

The idea is that, next time we play, the champion will have to defend his title, and the trophy can go from one hand to another.

This is what the deployment looked like:

Israel's champion, he painted just for this game, proved to be a hard character to play:

Dave charges Sergi straight away. "In KHORNE's naaaaaaame !!!"

But Sergi fought back, injuring Dave who spun him around and tried hammering his back! That's not what gentlemen do!

I decided to attack Israel, as his champion was the tallest! (yes, I have an inferiority complex)
Dave has been killed, but still had cunning plans for the future... I wonder if it is not Tzeentch guiding his hand.

Israel is surrounded! He doesn't know if he should hit me or Sergi. Tough decisions!
He decides to kill Sergi, taking the advantage.

But Dave's body started to shake... and in Khorne's will, he stood up and jumped on Israel!
The poor Spanish Slaughterpriest, severely injured already, did not survive this unexpected attack.

Finally, even if his character died first, Dave scored more points and won the game!
This story tought us that furious warriors do not decide. Khorne, on his brazen throne, does.


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  1. Si je me décide à peindre ma figurine de Valkia, je pourrais me joindre à vous ? :D

    C'est sympa Gorechosen, c'est un petit jeu rapide sans prétention, agréable entre amis :D