mercredi 3 juillet 2019

Knight Renegade !

Ok, this article is not about the amazing Chaos Knight that is going to hit the shelves very soon, but the game "Renegade Knight" that was released a few years ago.
First, I have to tell you about Sergi. Sergi is that king of hobby hero who can do pretty much everything. He is a miniatures designer on day time, but turns into a hobby beast when the moon rises, adapting or even designing his own games for him and his mates.

When he saw the Titanicus Knights, a crazy idea came to his mind: why don't we use those knights to turn the Renegade Knight game into a smaller scale boardgame?
I was just speechless when he asked! 
So this is what he has been working on during his free time:

I was super excited about it, as it would give me a chance to play the Knights of the House Simurgh that I painted a couple of years ago. Let's face it, I don't think I would ever play Titanicus, as it is not the kind of game I am into (Kill Team is much more manageable for me, and I don't even remember the last time played 40k!)

But I wanted to give Sergi a hand in the preparation of this game, so I bought some Titanicus buildings and painted them quickly. (The cream colour buildings are painted by Sergi)

And here we go!
The only thing Sergi changed in the rules is the measuring system. He kept all the values, but decided to turn inches into centimeters (6" becoming 6cm), so the profiles can be used as they are!

Sergi even designed a board, using photos of a real board, printed on paper and glued onto a piece of strong cardboard. And it is foldable.

For the first game, we tried with one Knight each. If Sergi played that game before, it was totally knew for me, so it was great to familiarise myself with the rules.

I won the demo-game (obviously, Sergi use to work in a GW store, he knows how to hook a customer up!)

For the second game, we played with 3 Knights each, and it became a lot more interesting!

 Sergi's Knights he painted for this game

So this was our deployment:

The (not so)monstrous machines started hunting each others in the grim-dark streets of the 41st millenium.

The card Sergi made, adapting the colour schemes so they match the Knights (yes, he is crazy!)

And finally, with only one Knight left at the end, Sergi decided to surrender. I was victorious again!
This guy is clearly the best hobby friend you can wish for: he designs games for you, makes wonderful gaming tools and trophies, teaches you how to play, and lets you win!
He is so sweet!

If you want to meet Sergi, please have a look at the Stormcast Podcast he did a few weeks back:

(picture from the Warhammer Community website)

Thanks again mate, it was a really cool (k)night!

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  1. I had a 'big boys' game of Renegade a while back. It was only 1 knight each and based on the suggested terrain its almost Planet bowling ball. Enjoyable but it was clear that melee was king. As soon as you got into combat you could almost guarantee winning if you struck first. There didn't seem to be enough depth to the damage, but it was the shooting that was mainly ineffective. So a Knight Gallant and running full tilt at your opponent was the best tactic.


    2. Yeah, clearly close combat is deadly, but it is more balanced if you have more Knights on the board!


  2. Ça avait l'air bien sympa en effet. Merci pour le retour !

  3. Great idea. GW should package and sell that!

  4. I know I have seen these rules (or at least the chart with the knights) in a White Dwarf, but I can not remember where.
    I would love to know so I can try and play/make a game myself.

    1. I don't have those rules myself. And anyway, it is not the purpose of this blog. Maybe trying to find a second hand bow of Knight Renegade?