samedi 2 novembre 2019

Warcry Day !

Hi guys!

A couple of weeks back, we played a Warcry tournament with a bunch of friends/colleagues/wanderers of the Mortal Realms... We had a blast playing 4 games + the finale in one day. So here are some photos of this epic day in the Bloodwind Spoil.

First of all, here are the rules of engagement:

- All warbands must be 1250 pts or less. I will tolerate a +/- 20 pts on the format as it is sometimes quite hard to fall exactly on 1250 pts.
Mercenaries allowed. The Mercenaries Allegiance chart applies. Maximum one mercenary.
If there is a point difference of 20% or more between 2 players, the player with handicap gets an extra wild dice every round.

- We'll randomly pick the first pairs of players, then winners will face winners and losers will face... losers. We'll try to accommodate so everyone can play everybody, but in some cases it might not be possible.

- We'll rank the players following that classic rule: victory 3pts, draw 1pts, defeat 0pt
Simple, elegant, effective.

- There will be an extra 3pts allocated to the best painted warband. Before we start playing, everyone will secretly vote for his favourite warband (you can't vote for yourself).

- The mighty winner will sit at the Dark God's table and eat free at the pub (the others pay for his meal)

Let's have a look at the warbands then!

The well known Iron Golems, by me.

The Zombie horde, by Maxime Corbeil

The Wicked Carnival, by Alessandro Leto Colombo

The Wild Marauders, by Larbi Benyounes

The Sons of the Raven, by Steve Party

The Kikoo Torturers, by Christian Hardy

The Darkoath Tribe, by Sergi Torras Figueras

The Bottle Knights, by Nicolas Grillet

So onto the gaming photos then! (no battle report or anything, since it has been pretty intense and always 4 games playing side by side)

Christian fights Larbi while Sergi and Maxime start rolling some dice.

It was quite cool to turn my living room in a proper tournament room. A good test for a future FYMT? ;-)

After being kicked by Alessandro, I played Nico and his crazy-funky Gloomspite Grotz.

Sergi and Steve fight on Alessandro's colourful board. Really good looking!
Meanwhile, I demonstrate to Nico what an Ogor Breacher is!


I love that shot!

Normandy VS the South, typical French argument!
In the background, Christian tastes the power of Alessandro... a preview of what will happen again later...

Maxime faces Alessandro next, very tactical game since Ale is a veteran of tournament gaming, in multiple games.

I then faced my nemesis, Sergi and his Untamed Beasts. An amazing game as always (kicked his bum, obviously!)

Happy people who design models during the week and can't stop playing with them on the weekend!

Just before the finale, that's where we are.
Ale is leading the tournament, with 4 victories so far, while a surprising challenger, Christian (who only played a couple of games before the tournament), seems to have a good grasp on the Unmade.

The Legend VS The Rookie

The game starts pretty relaxed, but you can tell those two guys are really focused.
To add an extra layer of concentration, Steve grabs a chair and observes the game.

Sergi (who put a lot of money on Christian), tries to distract Ale buy telling a few typical Catalan jokes. Something about Flamenco, Independance and eating grapes on new years eve.
No one gets the meaning but everyone smiles, politely.

The game is close to the end, and it is very, very tight!
No one can tell who will win. The atmosphere is so tense! Sergi starts playing a famous western tune with his yukulele...

And finally, finally.... The ultimate power gamer, Alessandro wins!
That was an epic game, congrat guys!

After a bit of tidying up, we all end up in the pub to celebrate the victory and the lovely day we spent altogether.

Thanks a lot, guys, we need to organise that again. Why not in December, before Christmas?

And thanks for reading, don't hesitate to comment, especially on the warbands since some of these guys don't really post online.
You can comment in French for Steve, Maxime, Christian, Nico and Larbi, and it will have to be in English for Alessandro and Sergi ;)

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  1. C'est jouable les zombie a Warcry ?

    Les bandes sont toutes magnifiques, bravo les gars ! C'est possible d'avoir les listes des bandes ? J'ai l'impression que vous utilisez pas mal de mercenaires ^^

    1. Max les joues en Legion of Nagash!

      Heu j'ai pas les listes détaillées, mais oui en général il y avait un mercenaire par bande. Elles font toutes 1250pts


  2. Un article qui met en valeur les bien belles bandes proposées. J'espère qu'il y aura une autre édition autour de Warcry

    1. Merci BK!
      Oui j'y songe, probablement pour décembre-janvier!


  3. This was a treat to see a bunch of mates come together for a tournament day. Thank you for sharing with us and for even doing an Eng version to read. Loved seeing the warbands and everyones take on them.

    1. Thanks Delano, I am glad you like this post!


  4. Thanks for another great post.This is so amazing.