dimanche 23 décembre 2018

The Queen of Crescents

“Those born with the Moon in the House of Ghyran will be generous with the fruits of their harvest but shall see them returned tenfolds on the pan of the Scale of Reckoning”

Ruling over the people of Caravan the mysterious entity known as the Queen of Crescents is said
by her subjects to be the most powerful monarch of all the Realms as her kingdom stretches over a
different horizon every dawn.

A mighty enchantress the Queen is a master of illusions, capable of confusing her enemies by
manifesting swirling visions of their most intimate dreams and using half true prophecies to lure
them to their doom. No man is immune to her seduction and many who now travel along with the
Caravan are under the spell of her supernatural beauty, said to be part of the curse that Nagash cast
upon her ancestors.

She is also the keeper of one of the most powerful relics of Shadespire: the ancient Oracle of Tauth,
a deck of tarot cards said to be so imbued with the eldritch energies of Shysh that, if handled by the
blood of the Katophranes, it is capable of unleashing the power of its divinations 
upon the enemies of the wielder.

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